The wedding day is unique, a parenthesis of grace in a life course, which remains engraved in the memories with unwavering letters. This magic moment makes dreams and reality meet at last, from the childhood when we were the Sleeping Beauty waiting for the Prince, until that expected consent. This moment has arrived: frenzy of preparations, cascade of flowers and a flood of rice to brighten your smile.
As I have seen so many women  shine with happiness, I wished my skill  to act on this magic day. I consider your desires and wishes, I set together with you the sketch of the dress which will make you the most beautiful amongst women. In the spirit of the Haute Couture, I make an only-one dress, imaging your happiness.
And this is my reward, your dream of a dress becoming the dress of your dreams.
Diane Lelys
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Photos : Alexandre Lardeur - ARAGORN